Practical and stylish… you can’t go wrong with a longroof, especially if you’re giving it the Street Machine treatment! Simon Coulson provides a couple of ideas, one traditional and one proving that you can make something cool out of almost anything.

Triumph Herald Estate

triumph herald estate

The Herald has always been a bit of an outlier on the custom scene, but there’s still plenty about, even if the wagons are a tad thin on the ground, and there’s more than a few specialists supplying the bits to keep it running.This one has been treated to some coil-overs and a negative camber rear spring, pushing those wheels – banded rears and Triumph 1300 FWD items up front for extra tuck – right up into the arches. Slap on a set of whitewalls and slosh a lovely lilac hue over the body and you’re ready to roll.

Kia Rio

You can pick one of these up for absolute peanuts. All you need to make it into a cool cruiser is a coat of minty paint, shaved handles a super-low stance and a set of Nineties-tastic Centra wheels. We’ve also added a custom mesh grille to clean up the nose and leave people scratching their heads trying to work out what it is.