Simon Coulson has been at it again. This month, it’s the retro Swedish tin that gets the treatment from his illustrative angle-grinder.


‘Boxy but Good’ was the fictional advertising tagline from the film Crazy People – and I think it applies here too. We’ve done the ol’ two-door stretch on this wagon…although we do recognise it’s significantly easier to perform the task in an illustration than it is in the metal! You might be able to find a set of rare 242 doors and save some effort, but I fear it’ll be a weld ‘em up job instead.

With that bit out of the way, don’t pack the metalworking gear away just yet, because those arches need a bit of work to cover those big steels. In the engine bay we’ve kept it Scandinavian with a Volvo B8444S engine pulled from an XC90 mated to a Toyota Supra gearbox…and a, er…Volvo axle. Splosh on some race-car inspired shades and you’ve got yourself the ultimate flat-pack furniture collecting machine.


Quirky and nearly forgotten, these Volvos were once the OAPs favourite – which means, although there aren’t that many left, there’s some quite clean ones waiting for naughty Street Machiners to get their grubby hands on them. We’ve given ours a hefty tap with the Nineties stick – a targa top, aqua paint and some natty graphics add style whilst the air suspension adds the attitude.

The wheels? A bit of a Marmite move here – what you’re looking at is a set of Moondiscs finished in the same shade as the body and some black vinyl shapes applied to give the impression of a directional wheel…naff or genius? Even we’re not sure! Motivation comes from the original Turbo’d engine which should be plenty for cruisin’.