Too Many Doors?

This month, Simon Coulson is throwing away our prejudices and embracing the more-doors. You can keep your coupes; we’ve got rear doors and we’re not afraid to use them!

’32 Ford

There’s something about the Fordors that makes them seem more vintage and – dare I say it – a bit more ‘gangster’. We’ve taken a resto-rod route here, and I’m sure there’d be a few members of the general public who would think this was just a nicely restored old car… Not you lot though, eh? You’ve spotted the ultra low stance and oversize wheels, haven’t you? Those wheels are actually 17s on the front and 18s out back, with low(ish) profile rubber, custom painted for the whitewall look. Under the bonnet, the modernised theme could continue – I reckon a 2.3 Ecoboost from the current Mustang would do the job. Speedy, economical and room for the family.

’57 Chevy

Not a coupe, not a hardtop, not a Nomad. We’re at the bottom of the fifty-seven Chev desirability barrel here, but hell, it’s still a fifty-seven, so who cares… and we’ve saved some dollars too! There’s a touch of kustom flair here along with more than a hint of lowrider flavour – the result is a mighty-fine slammed wagon that’ll stand out in any tri-Chevy line up. Subtle panel paint, air-ride, coloured tints and a lace-paint roof – it’s got the lot… and there’s room in the back if you need to do a B&Q run. Very sensible.