Street ‘N’ Strip Issue 27

Word Of Pod

We are gearing up to celebrate the 31st annual Original Hot Rod Drags, supported by the NSRA, over the weekend of September 13th-15th. It’s a hot rod show at a race track: the famous Santa Pod quarter mile, and the usual ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ formula with pre ’73 RWYB, invited race classes with Outlaw Anglia, Gasser Circus and Supercharged Outlaws, Wild Bunch, live music and much more!

Ever wanted to run the famous quarter? Take your car or motorcycle down the drag strip and test its performance during our Run What Ya Brung sessions, limited to pre-1973 vehicles only. Get unlimited runs for just £25 per day sign-on, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

The NSRA committee awards its ‘Dirty Dozen’ trophies to those cars it deems most embody ‘The Spirit of the Event.’ These don’t have to be the shiniest, prettiest or even the quickest, just so long as they traverse the quarter-mile at least once during the weekend. Martin Hill’s FireForce 3 Jet Funny Car will be on hand to add real smoke and flame to the occasion; this fire-breathing machine will be hurtling down the strip at over 200mph in around six seconds! Plus, on Saturday evening, there will be a Cracklefest out on the track, with cars lining up and firing up in unison.

As well as all this track action, there will be live bands for your evening entertainment. Friday night sees contemporary covers band, Eastwood, hit the stage with all your favourites from the Sixties through to today, while fast paced rockabilly band, The Straight Aces, cover a mixture of original and authentic tracks on Saturday night. Plus, to celebrate the weekend’s festivities, there will be a spectacular fireworks display on Saturday night.

With a Nostalgia Trade Village, plentiful bars and caterers and the addition of a Saturday courtesy bus to nearby Rushden Lakes (the mammoth new shopping and entertainment complex) we have the weekend covered for the whole family! To book your tickets and view the full line up please visit or call 01234 782828. Weekend tickets start at just £30 (advance price, booking fees apply) and kids under 16 go free (max 3 per adult).

Al Raisers

One of the most welcome sights at Santa Pod’s Dragstalgia in mid-July was the reborn Al’s Gasser Pop. Just a couple of years ago, Al O’Connor was lucky to walk away from a nasty wreck that involved the Pop sliding along the top of the concrete barrier on its roof. It looked like the end of the road for the iconic car that’s been racing at Santa Pod almost as long as there’s been a Santa Pod.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you have some good mates; especially mates such as Phil ‘Ginner’ Middleton, who took the wreckage back to his garage and set about restoring it. With assistance from the likes of Dave Eady, plus donated parts from all over the country, Phil managed to salvage in the region of 90% of the original car – it would probably have been easier to replace everything, but then at what point does it cease to be ‘the original car’?

Anyway, the team managed to spring a surprise unveiling at Dragstalgia, with Ginner pre-entering his own Outlaw Anglia, then bringing the newly-finished Al’s Gasser instead. For many Dragstalgia-goers, seeing the car’s return was the highlight of the weekend, with Al even putting in some tentative passes… followed by some not-so-tentative passes with wheels-up launches. Al, Ginner and the crew won an award for Spirit Of Dragstalgia, and quite rightly too. Well done to everyone concerned with bringing this famous car back where it belongs.

Outlaw Street Round 3

Words: Mark Wallington

Fast Show Reloaded, Santa Pod. June 29th-30th

This was a new show in Santa Pod’s 2019 calendar, and Outlaw Street had been invited along to run a round of the 2019 series at the event. The Saturday was a RWYB day, with Sunday dedicated to the Fast Show Reloaded, with RWYB slots throughout the day.

There was plenty of track time available on the Saturday, but the weather was taking its toll on everybody. Traditionally, when drag racers in the UK say they were beaten by mother nature’ it involves rain and floods. Well, we had a new first at Round 3; we were beaten by the heat! Yes, a rarely seen bright yellow thing appeared in the sky, setting the record of being the hottest day for 40 years!

We had 26 OS members bring cars to race, but no-one was prepared for the toll 30°+ heat (in the shade) has on cars and drivers, with cars breaking left, right and centre. By Saturday lunchtime, the 26 cars were reduced to 15, with 11 cars falling foul of the heat with all manner of mechanical gremlins, including overheating engines, transmissions, electrical glitches and generally unhappy cars not used to such conditions.

As for the drivers, well, take 30° heat, add a fire suit and crash helmet, then strap yourself into a car that’s hotter than the engine of the Flying Scotsman and the plan of chasing PBs gets quickly replaced with a plan to buy out the Pod Shop’s supply of ice lollies and sit in their freezer unit for the weekend.

Despite the heat some members did achieve some impressive times, including OS-63 Terry Attree in his newly built Monte Carlo, who was making his first test passes and netting low 12s for his efforts; also OS-74 Arnie Pamment in his LS-powered Fox Mustang who broke into the nines for the first time, and Joe Baxter in his LS-powered Ford Capri who was allegedly ‘just testing’, but ran a new PB of 9.19 at 150mph…

Joe & Co Fastest Reaction Time Top 6:
1. 0.0477 RT, OS-27 Joe Baxter – Ford Capri
2. 0.0686, OS-93 Nina Coombes – Lexus
3. 0.1120, OS-63 Terry Attree – Chevy Monte Carlo
4. 0.1294, OS-4 Ian Walley – Ford Cortina
5. 0.2274, OS-66 Pete Lane – Plymouth Barracuda
6. 0.2433, OS-87 Jason Clark – Pontiac Le Mans

Round 3 V8 Class Fastest ET:
1. 9.1990 @ 150.60mph, OS-27 Joe Baxter – Ford Capri
2. 9.3189 @ 144.30, OS-60 Russ Pursley – Dutton
3. 9.8928 @ 134.02, OS-4 Ian Walley – Cortina
4. 10.2343 @ 128.50, OS-74 Arnie Pamment – Mustang
5. 11.8616 @ 117.65, OS-38 Derek Beck – TVR
6. 12.4039 @ 110.99, OS-63 Terry Attree – Monte Carlo

Special congratulations are due to OS-27 Joe Baxter, who set a new record at Round 3 – for the first time in the 10 year history of Outlaw Street, one member completed the ‘Triple’ in one round, winning Fastest Reaction Time, Fastest Class Elapsed Time and Quickest 60ft.

2019 Outlaw Street Series League Table after Round 3:
1. 440 points OS-69 Gary Semper – Firebird
2. 431, OS-66 Pete Lane – Barracuda
3. 425, OS-54 Luke Hersee – Chevy pick-up
4. 424, OS-87 Jason Clarke – Le Mans
5= 250, OS-68 Dave Mahoney – Camaro
5= 250, OS-27 Joe Baxter – Ford Capri
7. 247, OS-60 Russ Pursley – Dutton 
8. 243, OS-04 Ian Walley – Cortina
9. 242,OS-28 Simon Paul – Nissan GT-R
10. 241, OS-32 Pete Jackson – ’32 Coupe

If you’d like to know more about Outlaw Street, or fancy joining the fun for the 2019 series you can follow us on Facebook.