Letters Issue 9

Dear SM,

First of all, it’s great to see Street Machine back. I have been an avid reader since the beginning, and glad to see Small Talk back in, too. I have had many of my scale hot rods featured over the years. I really enjoyed Paul Dodd’s feature on the Krispy Kreme meet, which I, along with my better half, attend on a regular basis. David Williams’ Buick is nearly always parked in the same spot, unless someone parks their Fiat 500 there. We have made many friends at the meet, and we were blessed to have some attend our wedding back in mid-November.

The event was perfect, a Tudor/Victorian themed Handfasting, with glorious weather, fabulous friends and great cars. Thanks to David Williams (’54 Buick), Paul Wilson (’66 Olds), Robert van Boesschoten (’50 Ford) and Sonia Hammond (’79 Caddy hearse) for the use of their cars for the wedding. Now that the wedding is done, I can get my ’58 Moggy hot rod on the road, and the missus, Claudia, can dream about Mustangs.

It would be great to see this and photos in the mag. Photos are by Danielle Barnes.
Steve and Claudia Salmon, via email

Dear SM,

At risk of starting a p*ssing contest, the photo on January 2018’s Letters page sent me rummaging in the wardrobe. No sign of my ’89 UK Tour T-shirt, but I still have these four, and despite your comment on shorter life expectancy, all of them still get worn today. In fact the Cruise for Charity one was actually in the ironing pile. That’s the most treasured of them, as I was one of the few who did the whole trip, in my twin-cam Minor. But probably the rarest is the ’89 SM Nationals shirt. Anyone else got one of those left?

No sign of my keyring bottle opener, though. I guess I must have mistakenly tried to open a bottle with it at some point…
Russ Smith, via email