Letters Issue 6

Dear SM,
I always thought very highly of Street Machine, from the first issue I bought at approximately 11 years old, with the cars blowing my mind; saving pocket money and getting a paper round to buy it (and Custard Tart) every month. Seeing it dwindle away into American Car World was quite disturbing, I love American motors, but I felt something was missing

When American Car Mag suddenly came to a close, I thought f*ck! What can I read on the throne now? Then, when you said you were going to bring back Street Machine, I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t think of a better editor to revive a lost and missed rag like Street Machine. Since ordering #1 on eBay and subscribing for issue #2 and beyond, I’ve never looked back. I love the diversity of the motors in every mag, and think you (and the team) couldn’t have got it more on-target for today’s scene, in a way that combines at least two styles that probably always felt further apart than they actually are. A fantastic read every month. I’ve been told that I should show the same excitement for my naked lady as I do for the mag, but I can work at that.

On another note, myself and friends created a new car club in Cumbria called The Lakes Headers, inviting all likeminded petrol heads in and around Cumbria and beyond to come together on roughly a monthly basis for very informal meets, driving our cars and chatting shite about cars in general. Just look for ‘The Lakes Headers’ on Facebook. Keep up the good work, and I’m looking forward to the next issue.
Chris Kyles (’51 Plymouth Cambridge sled), via email

Aw, man, I’m humbled! Thanks, Chris, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the mag. And as for your lady, naked, point out that Street Machine only comes once a month… DS, SM

Dear SM,
Just wanted to congratulate you on yet another great issue, so glad Street machine is back and booming! I was very sad when the old mag was watered down with American Car, that’s when I stopped buying it. It’s been a long wait to read it again but worth it. An old friend is back!

The highlight for me is not only the varied and interesting cars featured but also your great intros; part rant, part preaching and part informative, interspersed with some very descriptive wit (very reminiscent of the old Tim Baggaley days at Custom Car, and how so many of his predictions have come true!). How you manage to find time to reach all the shows is quite spectacular and the layout has just the right balance. Keep up the good work, top marks.
David Patterson
PS. Loving the Back In The Day features, too!

Thanks, David, again, I’m humbled. And I get what you mean about the return of an old friend – that’s exactly how I felt about it, too! – DS, SM