Letters Issue 10

Dear SM,

I’ve sent you a photo I can’t claim to have taken, but found in one of the hundreds of shoe boxes in the spare room whilst engaging in some futile tidying exercise or other. You know how it starts. Do you know where and when it was taken? I’d be interested to know, because I must have been there. Another day filled in. Was it Docklands? It might be nice to continue the accolade for feature cars. Latest issue just as fab as the rest.
Graham Beckwith, a subscriber in Yorkshire, via email

Does anyone recognise the venue? And could anyone take a stab at the year? Let us know! – DS, SM

Dear SM,
Once, long, long ago, when I was a teenager dreaming of getting out there and owning a car, I used to get my ideas, my fantasy cars and my inspiration from Street Machine Magazine. It wasn’t just the cars and the vans, or the features, or even Mike ‘Cool’lins waxing lyrical about everything a petrol head could dream of; it was actually a small and regular feature called ‘Custom Profile’ that got me slightly aroused…

I remember it like it was only yesterday: Ford Z cars, MkIs, which we were told could be picked up for £100 with a ticket, PA Crestas for peanuts, Cortinas, Vauxhall Vivas and the like. It was a brilliant part of the magazine. Could you bring it back?

You have the Motorvation section, and they have shown some fab ideas but, maybe, it could encompass a new Custom Profile section? I mean, how many modified Zafiras are there out there? What about ideas for the Rover 75/ZT?

We have all moved forwards from ’79 but, perhaps, there is still relevance in profiling cars and putting ideas in our heads, just as it did back in those long gone and much missed days. Let’s not forget that, if I was reading SM in 1979 as a 14 year old, there must be the odd 14 year old out there now reading SM in 2018. Makes me feel ancient.
Rob Masters, via email

Good call, Rob. I make a nod in this direction every month with the What’s Old column – it just serves to remind some of us old farts that cars we still think of as ‘modern cars’ are actually getting on a bit. I suppose the big issue is that many of us only think of customs and rods as rear-wheel drive. Back in ’79, the vast majority of 20-odd-year-old rodder fodder was rear-wheel drive; nowadays, rear drive is a valuable commodity, and the drifters or banger racers will snap up most of those. Simon, our Motorvation artist and visionary, can work wonders with almost any base vehicle, but what do you reckon? Is the scene ready to encompass the front-drivers as the supply of classics and RWD motors dries up? And would anyone else like to see the return of Custom Profile? – DS, SM