Letters Issue 5

Dear SM,
Reminiscing about a car I used to own, I was wondering if any other readers have developed particularly strong bonds with some of their cars over the years? I used to have a two-door MkIII Cortina, in Dagenham’s finest Argent Silver. I really loved the car, despite it being a bit crusty and it was a project that dragged on forever. I sometimes felt that the ‘Tina and I had some sort of empathy for each other’s plight. It dragged on mainly because it seemed to be one cock-up after another. On one occasion, while I was building a stroker Rover V8 for it, rather typically I found that the piston skirts were galling the crank. It was the final straw. I didn’t go in to the garage for a week.

When I eventually returned, the Cortina was sitting there looking sorry for itself. Its headlamps had filled with condensation and the droplets of water almost looked like tears, and I burst into song: “Don’t cry for me, Argent ‘Tina…”
I’ll get my coat. Wayne Kerr, via email

Did the producers of Britain’s Got Talent ever get back to you, “Wayne”? – DS

Dear SM
I got hooked from my first copy of SM, enjoyed month after month of the best monthly mag ever, so I was really quite gutted when it came to an end. Then, earlier this year, I popped into my local filling station for fuel and I had to double-take at what I saw in the mag stand. YES, a brand new edition of SM. Without a second thought, I picked up a copy and, with a beaming smile, paid for it along with my fuel. I went home and said to my wife, “You can watch whatever you want on TV tonight; I’ll be busy.” My only gripe is that every month since, they haven’t stocked it, and neither the wife nor I can find it anywhere else. Why can’t certain main high street shops stock it? Tesco, WH Smith etc, it really is so unfair!
Ade Baillie, via Facebook

Of all the complaints we’ve had since the relaunch of Street Machine, retail availability (or lack thereof) has accounted for 90-something per cent. The mag should be in the majority of WH Smiths stores, plus any newsagents should be able to order it in if you ask them. And, as from this issue, we should be available in various Tesco stores! At least, those Tesco stores with larger magazine and newspaper sections.

Kevin Ward got in touch via the Facebook page, wanting to know if anyone has any information on Ian Dawes’ yellow ‘Popatop’ Ford Pop. Anyone know what happened to it or where it is now? Let us know!