SM JR Issue 33

You know how we’re always banging on about getting some new blood into the scene? Well blood doesn’t get much newer than Jayden Gething, here, who was out cruising in his custom Pop at the Breakfast At The Brewery cruise back in November… at just two weeks old.

Niki and Beverley – otherwise known as Mum and Dad – bought the bodyshell from some fellow Reapers members, and roped granddad, Peter Gething, in to help with the build. Peter is an exceptionally accomplished model maker – see Hotrods N Burnt Fingers on Facebook – and he and Niki put around 60 hours into turning two halves of a mini Pop shell into a scaled-down replica of Niki’s custom Pop, The Joker.

The custom chassis has scratch-built steering and the 10″ wheels from a sack truck, polished and drilled to match Niki’s Centerlines. The purple paint matches The Joker, with added metalflake, while the Heath Ledger boot mural has been recreated with Lego characters, all airbrushed by Peter. Niki even scaled down and printed the right stickers. The door cards, carpet and fur headlining have all been made using leftovers from The Joker’s trim, and Peter scratch-built the handles, mirrors, wiper, bonnet trim… even the Perspex windows wind down!

The body flips up to allow Jayden access to his upholstered, reclining baby seat, and he certainly looks comfortable in the Li’l Joker, being pulled around by Mum, Dad or big sister, Ellie-Mae. What a star!