Best of British? That’s a matter of opinion, I guess, but the bank manager’s favourite is still ripe for the Street Machine treatment.

with Simon Coulson


Two-door stretches aren’t for the faint-hearted, but when it transforms a staid saloon in to a gloriously proportioned coupe, it might just all be worth it. There’s been quite a bit of smoothing, but still enough chrome to keep a Sixties vibe. Paint is a custom silver-blue mix to accentuate the lines, whilst the interior is custom again, in red vinyl, no less. What’s under that aluminium bonnet? This is where the flat-cappers might get a bit upset… how about a lovely BMW diesel? Get the engine and ‘box out of a 3-series and Rover-ise it with dress-up bits from a 75. Cheeky.

Rover 800

Go on then, who spotted it? Was it the number plate that gave it away? What you’re looking at here is an update on Street Machine’s legendary Project Rover. When SM did the deed with a P5 back in ’79, the base car was less than a decade old, so the 800 saloon base we’re working with is ancient in comparison! We’ve applied many of the same tricks: shaved handles, de-badged, custom grille, frenched ‘plates, hand-crafted widened arches – they’re all there. The rims and tyres are just the same – a set of Interstates with white-letter tyres, but we’ve tucked ’em up with a touch of lowering. Paint is a custom blue to match the original and the engine is just as it left the factory. This one’s for cruisin’, baby!