Readers Machine Issue 21

The whole scene needs some more young blood in it, and it doesn’t get much younger than Rob Page’s kids! He’s giving them a good start in life with this tot rod. “The fibreglass body is from Outback Customs,” says Rob. “The frame is wood, the engine is a plastic model kit, the intake is from a VW, and the 10” wheels are from a pallet truck. The interior is wood upholstered in period-looking leather, with two seat belts.

“I started working at a bodyshop last January, and started this build in March to showcase my skills while allowing my children to see what I do and how to do it. I built it for my one-year-old daughter, Perri; I finished it when she was nine months old, and it will grow with her. At the moment it’s just a stroller, pushed by my wife or myself, but as she gets older we will look into perhaps adding an electric motor, maybe she can pick a new colour and we can paint it together… she can bring her own ideas to it and learn along the way.

“This is just the start. We’ve recently had a baby boy, Roo, and I’m looking to make him a hot rod Model T, plus I’m building an electric Jeep for both of them. Like many hot rod and classic enthusiasts, I want my children to love it too, but if you’re working on a £40k hot rod, children are usually relegated to holding a light. I want the kids to learn, work hard and have fun and a sense of achievement; plus, it’s a real family project.”