Readers Machine Issue 11

Ollie’s Ranchero

Very few people are likely to tell you that an old American pick-up is a practical, sensible daily, but when you’re young, practical and sensible don’t mean that much, really. Witness Ollie H-Smith, from Bristol. He’s 21, and his daily is a 1964 Ford Falcon Ranchero.

“It came into the UK last August,” says Ollie, “and it was owned by a friend of mine until he sold it to me just days before these photos were taken. It was a California car, and had been a Friday night drag racer; a RWYB car. The truck was originally a 260 V8 truck, but it’s now a 302 with T5 five-speed manual – the engine’s been warmed over, but I’ve no idea what’s in it and haven’t had it apart.

“It’s my first American car – before this I had a MkI Capri, and a 250bhp turbo MkI MX5, and compared with the MX5, this truck is quite tame! The body is all stock, even in its original paint – it was garaged for most of its life – and apart from a set of anti-tramp bars, there’s not much to give it away.

“I’ve always been passionate about American cars, so I decided to give it a stab, and this ticks all the boxes. I’m looking forward to a few Run What You Brungs this year, and I’m hoping to use it as a shop truck for my filming company, Twin Cam Films – we specialise in filming cars for enthusiasts.

“I’m insured through Adrian Flux, and it’s the cheapest car I’ve ever insured, even though it’s the most powerful. Recently, I was paying £1,400 to cover a 2.0 Golf GTi; the Ranchero is around half that.”

See more of Ollie’s truck by searching Twin Cam Films on Facebook.