News Issue 16

Burt Reynolds

11.2.1936 – 6.9.2018

Rain Street

At time of going to press, Hot Rod Drag Week is in full flow, passing through Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee and back to Georgia. Unfortunately, a less welcome visitor to those states at the same time is Hurricane Florence… Check out Tom Bailey, on the road from Atlanta to Darlington, in this photo by Wesley Allison. Drag Week does not allow trailering; you’re only allowed to bring whatever you can carry. Earlier that day, Bailey had run deep into the sixes in this car… and I don’t see any wipers or side windows.

Gulf Phwoar

The new 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition honors the legendary American Gulf Oil-sponsored Ford GT40 by featuring the most famous paint scheme in motorsports – plus a set of additional exclusive touches.

The new 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1968 and ’69 Le Mans-winning GT40 with motorsport’s most famous paint scheme – the Gulf Oil colours. It’ll only run for two years, with No. 9 graphics for 2019 and No. 6 graphics for 2020.

Blown Ranger

Ford recently announced that the high-performance Ranger Raptor will go on sale across Europe in 2019. It’ll have a 210hp bi-turbo version on the 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel, coupled to a 10-speed automatic. Incidentally, big brother, the F-150 Raptor, now has Trail Control – basically a cruise control for trail driving between 1-20mph.