News Issue 10

Goodbye NASC

After the National Association of Street Clubs’ AGM at the end of last year, it was agreed that the situation was serious enough to warrant an extraordinary general meeting in mid-February. At this meeting, they discussed the general downturn in club membership, increased costs and falling attendances at shows, and the heavy losses sustained by the otherwise promising 2017 Street Rod Nationals. Sadly, the final decision was to dissolve the NASC.

After 43 years of building and supporting the scene, and hosting well-loved events such as the Street Rod Nats, Springnationals and Gary’s Picnic, plus countless smaller shows, it’s a crying shame to see the demise of this association. If nothing else, it reinforces the old adage – use it, or lose it.

Monkeys Back

The Monkeys are rocking shades to discuss the shine of the blue, chrome paint job on the ’34 Ford.

Aaron may have struck out on his own, but Richard Rawlings and the team at Gas Monkey Garage are still going strong. And, of course, they’re still doing their radical builds and racing against the clock to get the results to auction. Series five of Fast’n’Loud premieres in the UK on Monday, March 26th, at 9pm on Discovery.

Birthday Bargains

Sealey are celebrating their 40th year in business with a special promotion, with more than 200 of their most popular products enjoying discounts of up to 55%. Visit your local stockist to grab a copy of the Sealey 40th Anniversary Promotion, or visit for details and bargains. While there, don’t miss the limited edition LED3605RA swivelling and tilting LED inspection lamp – you’ll wonder how you got by without it.

Half Centuries

There are another couple of significant birthdays this year, the first being the 50th birthday of the Jaguar XJ series of saloons. The in-house resto and parts department, Jaguar Land Rover Classic, celebrated by taking Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain’s 1984 XJ6 and restoring it, with some choice modifications along the way, including a complete interior retrim and bespoke 18″ wire wheels. The ‘Greatest Hits’ XJ6 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Also at Geneva, Morgan unveiled their Plus 8 50th Anniversary special edition. Just 50 will be produced to mark the popular V8 model’s half century – it debuted at Geneva in 1968 – and they will be the last Morgans to use the BMW V8. They’ll be instant classics, but prices will top six figures. Alongside the Plus 8 was the Aero GT, one of the last eight of the outgoing Aero 8 range.
Last, but far from least, is the Ford Escort, also celebrating its 50th birthday this year. This auspicious occasion will be marked at Beaulieu’s Simply Ford event on Sunday, May 6th – see for details.

There’s a significant movie celebrating its 50th this year, too. That is Bullitt, most famous for its often copied but rarely equalled 10-minute car chase. At Geneva, Ford announced that its Bullitt-edition Mustang will be available in Europe, and goes into production in June. They didn’t mention right-hand drive.

Back To 1970

2018 Dodge Challenger T/A in Plum Crazy

Dodge/SRT are plundering the archives again, with the recent announcement that B5 Blue and Plum Crazy will be available again for Charger and certain Challenger models. They also announced a new Shakedown package for Shaker-equipped Challengers, that includes a powerful Alpine audio system, white-face gauges and asymmetrical black racing stripes.