Late-model Mopar

with Simon Coulson

You can blame reader, Clive Harman, for this pair. He suggested some late-model Chrysler/Jeep fare might be ripe for the Motorvation treatment. It looks like he might have been right.

Chrysler Crossfire

Deliberately conceived as a ‘love it or hate it’ car, Chrysler got a bit weird with this one – described by Jeremy Clarkson at the time as looking like ‘a dog doing a poo’, they certainly seemed to have achieved their goal! We’re hoping to find a few more fans with our version. Part one of our plan involves throwing out the Mercedes running gear and replacing it with some proper American muscle in the form of a shiny new Hemi crate motor with matching ‘box, and a freshly narrowed nine-inch. Yep, that means a full chassis, but it’s the muscle the Crossfire always wanted. Those arches were built to swallow a set of big’n’little Convo Pros, not some bizarre odd-sized euro rims!

Dodge Magnum

This idea started in my head as a bit of a joke, but I’d quite happily run this one as a daily. The word Magnum conjures up different things for different people: Some might think of guns, others champagne or even moustachioed TV detectives. Me? Magnum ice cream. So that’s the theme sorted! First up, we’ve welded up the rear doors and paneled over the back windows creating a pretty sleek looking (and maybe even a bit useful) van. Then comes the Mr Whippy bits: We’ve got two flavours of chocolate, darker at the top and milky at the bottom separated by a layer of mint choc chip graphics. The wheels are 22-inch Jeep SRT8 replica wheels with a wood-effect hydro-dipped treatment (like a lolly stick!). Silly, but actually rather splendid!