with Simon Coulson

Minis are hardly left out in the modified car game, so making one stand out (for the right reasons!) can be quite a task. That’s not to say we can’t have a go!

“Proper” Mini

We’ve taken the Lowrider route with this one – we’re not the first and I doubt we’ll be the last, but it’s still a pretty elite club. The key to the whole deal here is a set of 13×7″ gold-plated wire wheels with whitewall tyres. Bodywork isn’t far removed from standard, those wide arches being the most obvious change. Interior is up to you, but I’m thinking buttoned purple velour. Paint is a deep metallic, providing the perfect backdrop to a combination of chrome and gold plated pretty bits.

(New) Mini Clubman

I’ll admit I was half way through creating this image when I discovered Mini themselves actually made a van version of the Mini estate, cleverly called the Mini Clubvan. It didn’t look like this though! First job on the list is to get it on the floor utilising an air suspension set up, tucking those Moon disc-shod 17” rims right up in the arches. A respray comes next – the colours shamelessly borrowed from VW’s palette, those Sealing Wax Red and Chestnut Brown shades usually being found on split screen buses. What it lacks in load space it makes up for in style.