Letters Issue 33

Dear SM,

I spotted the reference to the wide side skirts on page 21 of issue 32. Why the wide side skirts? These are to conceal the ridiculously high floor line dictated by the transaxle. The original Tatra car had about 9″ of ground clearance, and because I have used the original diameter wheels, that has to stay there. The chassis extends below the floor line to add strength in order to stop the engine, which all hangs out the back, from bending the car in two.

The void under the floor line is filled with two luggage compartments, accessible via hatches in the rear floor, and a fuel tank housed on the centreline, protected by the chassis rails and a thick scuff plate. Simply lowering the body would have caused the engine to invade the rear window aperture. I know this makes the front bodywork look a little awkward, but I intend to deal with that as soon as I have grown the right skills.

Alec Vallance, via email

This, of course, is in reference to Alec’s Tatra-engined Skoda, featured in the last issue. I knew most of these details but thought I’d be better not printing them, even though the bodyshell is still exactly as Skoda made it… got that? DS, SM