Letters Issue 31

Dear SM

I’m not going to get complicated here; I just wanted to congratulate Lee Saywell on his stunning Corsair. That is understated class. Love it.

Dave Torley, via email

Dave’s was one of many emails and messages I received about that Corsair in the November issue, and concisely stated what many others said. Looks like it really struck a chord with a lot of the readership! I shouldn’t be surprised – there’s nothing about that car not to like… DS, SM

Dear SM,

I just finished reading the latest issue and I have to say it was excellent, and, rightly or wrongly, it seems to have an overall sharper look. I loved the article on the Gary Ellis Minor, and loved the MiniHaHa II story – that’s what happens to your car when you live on an island that stays cold permanently, it shrinks…

Gordon McGeachy, via email

Thanks, Gordon, glad you enjoyed it! Although, strictly speaking, that Mini was shrunken long before it moved that far north. By that logic, by now, it should be about the size of a wellington boot! DS, SM