Letters Issue 29

Dear SM,

Thanks for the great feature on this year’s Truck-In (Issue #27, September – DS). You have been helpful in the new growth of interest and participation in UK Vanning during the past three years – many thanks.

Zack Stiling’s words are most welcome, although the figure of around 50 vans was surpassed on the Friday afternoon. Total vanners through the gate for the whole event was 129, the best attendance we’ve had for many years, and we hope to beat that number in 2020.

For a country smaller than most American states, we think that the total vans per square mile in the UK prove we have a great foundation for growth in the future. Keep up the good work and, to find out more about the National Street Van Association and where you can find a club or vanners near you, visit our Facebook page (NSVA) where you’ll find a warm welcome or contact g_meacher@hotmail.com for information.

Thanks again, George Meacher, via email

Thanks, George, and glad to hear that vans are coming back! Although I don’t suppose they ever really went away. The discrepancy in numbers at your show sounded like an uncharacteristic oversight on Zack’s behalf, so I asked him about it. He replied:

“I’m sorry if I got the numbers wrong at the Truck-In, although I’d be surprised if I somehow missed out a full half of the show. Rereading my text, I did say ’50 custom vans,’ which, if my memory serves me rightly, was based on the ones entered in the Show & Shine. There were many more vans around the periphery, but a lot of those were Astros, Econolines etc, with no more than aftermarket wheels and some decals, which are fine, but you’d be stretching the definition of ‘custom’ to include them. I don’t expect anyone to think of my Hillman as a custom just because it’s been lowered and reupholstered with one of Peter Stringfellow’s old jackets.”

Thanks, Zack. So, how do you define a ‘custom’? On second thoughts, let’s not open that can of worms… DS, SM