Letters Issue 27

Jon Rutledge got in touch to fill in a little bit of previously unknown history on July’s cover car, the ’38 Olds street rod.

Dear SM,

This is its history as far as we know it… David Rutledge paid £20 for this in 1964 from a mate. It had a good chassis, no corrosion but the engine was seized. It was a challenge, as everyone said Dad could not get it going. Dad spent 13 years restoring it in his garage, and replaced the original straight six with a Chevy overhead valve straight six, replaced springs, window panes, radiator, welded both doors and headlamps and fitted a new exhaust. He worked on it whenever he was home – we hardly ever saw him! It had opera seats in the back, and we travelled to Dorset in it on holiday in 1974. It was sold with a heavy heart for £1000 in 1977. Dad saw it picked up by two lads heading for Ringwood…

Stephanie Twinam, via Jon Rutledge