Letters Issue 24

Dear SM,
First of all, happy 40th Anniversary! I’m just reading the 40th anniversary issue, and it is so good to see SM at its best, with the mixture of true home-grown machines. Great job, mate!

Just one little thing I noticed on page 53 – Street Machine moved to Eastcote in December 1983; not Ruislip! As I was born and grew up in Eastcote, being SM HQ was (and still is) the coolest thing about my hometown in darkest NW London suburbia. Champers, the local wine bar (still going, I think!), played host to regular SM meets; I’ll never forget seeing Gordon Jones’ Mini Van parked in the high street!

In a distant second, most cool car factoid about Eastcote was that SM shared offices with Performance Car magazine, when Jesse Crosse was Editor and some columnist called Clarkson was making his writing debut for them…

Looking forward to the 50th!
Chris Jenkins

PS – see attached photos of Veeteor LS-Seven. It will be at the UK SRS Reunion in June – see you there?

Hi Chris, thanks for the kind words and thanks for setting me straight! Where did I pluck Ruislip from, then, I wonder? Good to see the Veeteor out and about, and I’ll see you at the UK SRS Reunion at the Retro Show! This will be on June 15th and 16th, so if you remember the old UK Street Racer Series, come along to Santa Pod and join in! DS, SM