Letters Issue 22

Dear SM,

Forty years – now I do feel old(er), haha! Regarding the story (Super Snapper, February issue) I still have my vinyl, American Dream, bought in ’81, mint condition, one owner, low mileage. It has now become a collector’s piece of history, knowing that the photo was by kind permission of SM. Maybe it would increase twofold if it had Mr Saunders’ signature on it?

Looking forward to another 40 years,

Martin Cooper, via email

Dear SM,

Regarding Sam Barber’s 1979 Chelsea pics in the March 2019 issue, the two Minor pick-ups were featured in a very early Street Machine issue together – I am fairly sure it was the June ’79 issue. The white muralled one was called Night Diver and featured murals of people diving etc. The Pop in the pictures was Geoff Cave’s, named Sit Up & Beg, which was on the cover and centre spread of that issue. The straight-six T-bucket is Martin Kelly’s Desperado creation, which survives to this day, as does the Mk2 Consul, Lemon Squash, originally built by Mark Spooner. It’s still out there somewhere, and could do with a fresh feature (as could Desperado!). I can’t remember it being featured in Street Machine before, but I may be wrong? Finally, the burning-out flamed El Camino also rings a bell. I’m sure that was also featured in an early Street Machine, possibly one of the readers’ cars articles, but sadly all my copies are all cosy, wrapped and boxed in the loft, so not at hand to check any further. Keep up the good work!

Mark Blows, CDSRC historian

Mark, you are the MAN! I suspected that Mk2 was Lemon Squash, but couldn’t be sure. An impressive survival rate amongst those cars – I wonder what happened to the Moggies? – DS, SM

Dear SM,

“The Oldsters” of the West County Roadsters were all very happy to see Dennis Wood’s article in Street Machine (January 2019, issue #19)! I do have a register of all the members from way back when there was a gathering at The Bird In Hand pub, just outside Worcester on the A44, when we had around 150 members!

I was up in my loft recently, looking for T-Bucket parts I have bought over the years, and found some original Roadsters window stickers. After many years now, my ‘race rod’ now has the potential to actually get finished, and maybe even get to a drag strip some time this year! The project started back in 1985, with a trip to Ed Wimble’s for a wide-body T and a 120″ wheelbase chassis with Dan Woods-style opposed coil suspension, all inspired by the Low Blow T.

As an electrical engineer, I spent a lot of time away from home and very little actually got done on the T project. I retired a couple of years ago, so have been making an effort to get the T finished as soon as possible, and hopefully registered and on the street somehow. Given that the motor is a Blueprint crate motor and I’m looking for 10-second passes, there may be some … difficulties.

The Oldsters now meet at The Ship Inn, at the north end of the road through Tibberton, next to the Birmingham/Worcester canal, on the first Tuesday of the month from 8pm onwards. So, if you’re bored one day, you know where to find us!

John Mulligan, Worcester