Letters Issue 20

Dear SM,

I’ve just finished reading the January issue of Street Machine magazine, which I have enjoyed since the relaunch. My input to the debate on event reports presentation would be to have photos the same size as on the Muscle Car Corner page. My special request would be that if a car is mentioned in the event report, could we have a picture of the actual car as well? Also the history of drag racing article format is too messy and disjointed. So, a couple of formats to improve, but I love the current mix of content. Keep up the great work in 2019; I really appreciate opening the grey plastic bag each month and sitting down for a good read. I must make a start on my hot rod in 2019. I built a Jago Model B roadster back in 1980-1984, and did 7,000 miles in it before selling it on when I left university.

Chris Fox, via email

OK, Chris, we’re working on that! And yes, definitely, get started on your hot rod. Thirty five years is a long time to be without one… DS, SM

Dear SM,

As a founder member and admin to our club, The Head Gas Gits, we have decided to drop our monthly club meet unless something major happens in the club, and wanted to inform you so you can edit the ‘Meets’ feature in SM where you kindly included us. If you check our HGG Facebook page I’ve placed an announcement on there also.

The founder ‘Gits’ were a bunch of blokes from the west London area that have known each other for 30-odd years and all into this scene in different ways from all walks of life and original hot rod clubs, some no longer around. We realised we needed our own identity so, in 2013, we formed The Head Gas Gits and before we knew it we had some 1,200 Facebook members following us, and our meets took off. Some of them were packed out, which is great.

However, all the main Gits have interests in many areas and couldn’t always attend every month, and we also had three other local clubs with monthly meets either side of ours, each having their own events, so we were trying to attend one every week. To relieve the pressure, we got together and decided to drop our monthly meet, though all other stuff we do at the track or shows will continue as normal, and any special events or runs will be posted up on our FB page as usual.

Yes, it is sad after all the work many of us put in to make the meets a regular success, but now feel a lot of pressure taken off us by deleting the meet until further notice. If we as a club have anything major going on I’ll try give you an early heads-up, in case you think it newsworthy.

By the way, the new SM mag is great and brings back many memories. I buy it every month, even if I haven’t had chance to read the last issue yet as I/we don’t want to see it disappear again. Keep up the good work.

All the best

Mark Paton, via Facebook

Thanks for letting everyone know, Mark. While it’s a shame that the HGGs are winding up their monthly meet, it’s good to know that the club’s still going strong. It also seems that you’ve been blessed – how many other rod and custom clubs can say that there is too much going on in their area?! That’s a silver lining if ever there was one. DS, SM