Letters Issue 19

Dear SM,

Regarding the Letters page, November edition, I have to agree with Dave’s letter on the postage stamp size photos – I hate them! I can’t be bothered to even look at them; I just turn the page. It looks a complete mess too, with images thrown on top each other like a cheap montage. If a photo is worth using, print it big enough for us to actually appreciate it. A tiny photo is just frustrating. The ‘Race the Waves’ spread worked well because the images had interesting backgrounds that made the cars stand out. I don’t look at the ‘Vintage style’ Hot Gossip pages for similar reasons; tiny bits of photos and the horrible ‘shouty’ slanted font.  Other than that, it’s a pretty good mag.


Ian Fleet, via email

Oh dear, looks like that’s not a popular house style! Okay, you have spoken; we’ll change it over the next few months. DS, SM

Dear SM,

I just thought I would message you to say thank you for the picture of our rat Beetle (FFL 223L) taken on my club stand at the NEC Classic in November that you printed on page 45 (December issue). It made our day when we were flicking through – I had to go back and buy another copy to keep safe.

We have had the Beetle six years now and have done various jobs to make her a bit more user-friendly. She apparently had a fresh MoT; however, I was brought to question that when I started delving. The very poorly botched narrowed front beam had no suspension deflection in whatsoever!

I replaced that with a stock width adjustable one with Empi gas shocks, put Spax adjustables on the back, then focused on getting her running better by fitting a new carb, 009 dizzy with electronic ignition, new brake shoes, front flexis etc. Porsche Fuchs from a 914 have replaced the steels. The list of stuff goes on. The current stock 1300 twin port is coming out over winter as I am building a mild cammed 1641.

This will make do for now as we decide whether to go bigger air-cooled or look at alternative water-cooled engines. It drives really well, and with the custom made exhaust with J-tubes replacing the heat exchangers, it sounds sweet and quite throaty.

The car is commonly referred to as “the Floozy,” as everyone falls for her! This is my other half’s car, which I seem to have the task of keeping on the road… Our little club is only a few people as we have all had enough of the bigger ego-filled ones where everything between fellow members becomes a competition. It’s great to see the magazine back, keep up the good work!

Dave Dale, Splinter Cell Car Club