Letters Issue 15

Dear SM,

The plaque (Letters, July issue) came with the May ’81 issue. I still have a copy with it still stuck on the front, and one with it removed! I used to love all those freebies; often every month or every other month at one time. Shame they are no more, but we should all thank the Lord that the magazine has been reborn, amen…Mark Blows, CDSRC historian


Dear SM,

Did anyone answer Graham Beckwith’s question in the letters page of the April issue? Looks very much like the picture was taken at one of the Doncaster Shows, from inside the racecourse’s Exhibition Centre in the late Eighties or early Nineties. Pictured are what I think are the Best In Britain contenders.

Jerry Cookson, via email

Dear SM, 

Just flicking through the August issue of SM and read your comment that Dave Underwood’s Model B is the ‘nadir of rods’. That’s a bit unkind, isn’t it? I thought it was pretty good!

Ade Smith, via email

Damn, you’re right. By attempting to be clever, I’ve actually insulted the poor guy. Sorry, Dave, your B is the apogee, the zenith, the pinnacle of rods. I’m off to get a refund on my faulty thesaurus… DS, SM