Letters Issue 14

Dear SM,

With reference to the Volvo Amazon sled in the Solent Renegades show report (June ’18 issue), you were unsure if it was a new build or not. Well, I can confirm that it has been a sled for 25 years plus; I have included some photos.

The first unfinished pic in beige and grey is John Phillips’ photo taken at the 1993 NASC Nationals. The pic in yellow is a Custom Car pic from the 1997 Nats. The pics in green and white are stills from a video taken by me in 2002, in Chelmsford. CDSRC member Graham Spencer owned it at the time. Note the asymmetrical boot closing line, which makes it unique and easy to identify. I think this may have been the last time I saw it.

Mark Blows, CDSRC Historian

Dear SM,

I loved the ’48 Fleetline in the June issue. There must be a few more out there somewhere, so how about a roll call with photos? I’ll start the ball rolling. I have ’42 Fleetline, but unlike David’s, it’s a full-on custom. The previous owner brought the car into the UK in 2004. Looking through the paperwork it had a few serious build problems, engineering-wise, which were sorted, then it was sold onto a dealer in 2014, which is when I acquired it. According to the VIN tag, it was built at the Oakland plant, California, and out of 61,000 Aerosedans built that year, this was the 7,000th off the production line before WWII stopped production.

Martin Cooper, via email