Letters Issue 13

Dear SM,

Re: the six-wheel Model T cement mixer on p89 of the June issue.This is the legendary ‘C-men-T’ build by the equally legendary UK rodder, Ray Christopher, of Heli-Rod and v8 milk float fame. It featured on the cover of the September ’79 issue of Hot Car magazine and starred at many of the shows around that time.

There’s a thread on the Rods’n’Sods website regarding C-men-T under the Whatever Happened To… heading. I hope this can help the new owner fill in some of the history gaps, and if he could find a copy of the Sept 79 Hot Car that it was featured in, he’d probably get a lot more helpful info – I have a feeling that I have a copy of the mag in my own stash, somewhere deep in my shed.

On a different note, whomever did the report on the Volksworld show on p46 of the new issue of the mag needs to go to Specsavers. He states, “Disappointingly the promised display of custom-painted vehicles by the Paintbox never materialised (or else they’ve taken the concept of chameleon paint a bit too far).” The display was there for all to see, with seven or eight of their iconic VWs on display together in the atrium at the end of the building, just off the main hall. I know this because I spent about 20 minutes drooling over the rather lovely ‘Velocirazor’ type 34 Karmann.

Later in the report, he makes reference to a purple and green front-engined Beetle but is unable to supply further details as there were no info cards with the display cars. This Beetle is another very well known car, ‘the Funky Phantom,’ built many moons ago by Wayne Allman of Intergalactic Custom Shop and ‘Mental Breakdown’ VW drag bus fame.

Keep up the good work on the rejuvenated mag,

Jools Grant, via email

Thanks for filling in the gaps there, Jools! And I’ll be sure to give young Zack a kicking next time I see him. I think I remember that Funky Phantom from Shakespeare County many moons ago… DS, SM

Dear SM,

While looking for something in the loft, I came across my old cut-off from my biking days. Still attached, although looking a bit sorry for itself was this: a Street Machine dash plaque. I’m not sure what month this was a cover giveaway in, but thought you might be interested.


Steve Wallace, via email

Thanks, Steve. Does anyone know about these plaques? Care to have a guess at when they were issued? DS, SM