with Simon Coulson

Who doesn’t love a big cat? Old ones can be a risky purchase, but if you find a good one you can get an awful lot of car for your money. As tempted as we were to bring you lead-sled XJs or cafe-racer XK120s, we’ve opted for a couple of seldom customised, but easily accessible examples of the marque.


I’ll be honest, I’ve never really been a fan of the XJS – it’s no E-Type, that’s for sure. But, as you can see, a few tweaks can turn it from a slightly naff antique dealer’s weekend cruiser into a muscular pro-touring inspired street machine. First to go are those clunky bumpers, replaced by some smooth panels and accentuated by a snazzy chin spoiler. Paint is pearl white with a simple two-colour stripe on the front, and all the chrome has been treated to a coat of gloss black. Lowered suspension is a must – helping those bronze salt-flats style wheels tuck neatly into the arches. Under the bonnet, sacrilege has occurred with an American V8 taking the place of the original lump.

X-Type Van

It might be a Mondeo underneath, but it’s a Jag on top – and that’s enough for us! What better way to advertise your business when making those deliveries… or provide you with some sleeping accommodation at shows? OK, there are plenty of better ways to do those things… but this is on a budget! Our starting point is obviously an estate; the doors have been welded up, the windows paneled over and the handles shaved. You’ll have to allow a bit of artistic licence with the wheels, as I’m not sure anyone makes 18” slot mags (yet!), but you get the idea. Cool, useful, comfortable, different… and it’s a Jaaaag!