Motorvation: with Simon Coulson | Words: Dan Haines

We’re off to the land of the rising sun this month with some retro Hondas: a cool coupe and a not-so-cool hatchback with a traditional twist.


There are still a few late Nineties Civic (EK) hatches out there, but perhaps finding one that hasn’t been boy-racered is a slightly harder task. We’ve got our own modifying plans and they don’t include bodykits, bean-can exhausts and wheels that stick out of the arches… this one is taking its influences from a much earlier time. That means lime green scallops over a satin black base, matching steel wheels with trim rings and baby moon hubcaps, narrow band whitewalls and a hefty slam achieved with the help of air bag suspension. Inside, we’ve got a full retrim – including a custom bench seat – in green vinyl. It’s so wrong it’s right!


The Eighties Prelude coupe is a pretty thing, I reckon… it’s a shame there aren’t more left. Assuming you can find one, we’ve treated this one to a full-on homage to another Eighties Honda entirely. That paint job might mean nothing to some, or bring back fond memories for others… it’s an homage to Honda’s CB1100F from the same era as the car. Whether you get the reference or not, there’s no denying it looks pretty funky! The bike itself had gold three-spoke wheels, leading us to fit a set of SAAB three-spokes aided by some PCD adaptors. Under the bonnet, the motor comes from a later car – it might not be a V8 monster, but a VTEC lump should bring some excitement nonetheless!