With a few notable exceptions, the word ‘Citroën’ is rarely heard in Street machine circles. Simon Coulson has grabbed two of the eccentric manufacturer’s offerings and applied some tried and tested techniques…


Yes, it’s a Cal Looked Deux Chevaux – why should only the German people’s car get all the fun? You won’t be carrying (unbroken) eggs across fields in this one, but you’ll look exceptionally cool, and that’s what counts. Body mods are kept to a minimum here, although we have given this later-model example a touch of the early cars by paneling over the rearmost side windows, before painting the whole lot in classic VW Dove Blue.  2CV suspension is actually pretty easy to lower (if it’s not seized!), but you won’t get it as low as our picture without some aftermarket lengthened tie rods, and you’ll probably need to work out a way of narrowing the track, too, if you’re going to get some cool wheels on. Those wheels are a set of replica Porsche Fuchs intended for Beetles, but fitted here with the aid of custom adapters. C’est Bon!


For our next Gallic wonder, we’ve really pushed the boat out with a C5 ‘break’ that’s received the Mooneyes treatment. Personally, I’d go for the earliest version you can find, but the most important styling cue, for me, is those upright rear lights, meaning anything post-2007 is a no-no. I’ve yet to see it done, but, in principle, the ‘Hydractive’ suspension should be ‘hackable’ – either via the ECU, or with some tweaks to the ride-height sensors – effectively tricking the C5 into lowering itself, and retaining some adjustability at the same time… or not. Once you’ve successfully earned your suspension genius award, it’s time to fit some whitewalls, screw on some Moon discs and slop a load of yellow paint over it. Sunglasses, anyone?