with Simon Coulson

Finally, a bit of Mopar muscle in Motorvation! Errr… not quite. Typically, we’re ignoring the obvious and choosing unlikely candidates for our ideas. Here are two Chryslers you probably wouldn’t have put on the top of your cool list.


We’ve opted for the later Voyager here, for no other reason than we liked it a bit more than the earlier rounded model. It’s been treated to a full respray and the addition of some super-retro wood paneling. Next up, our attention is turned to the suspension, where we’ve fitted an airbag system. Inside, you might opt for a retrim in some older-style fabric, but the stock interior would suffice, especially if it’s a stow’n’go model. Car shows, holidays, trips to the dump, school runs and eBay collection missions have never looked so cool!


You’d probably forgotten these even existed, but maybe things would’ve been different if there was a Tiger version – a follow-up to the Avenger model – a sporting special to sit at the top of the range and appeal to a younger buyer. It wouldn’t take much: an in-your-face colour, complete with some go-faster striping, Minilites and a lower stance. Maybe a call to Holbay to get them to breathe on the Simca-derived engine, or perhaps the Shelby-tuned Turbo motors fitted to the Dodge Omni GLHS models in the US… now that would be fun!