Brit Commercials

with Simon Coulson

(Michael Winner voice) Calm down dear, it’s a commercial. Well, two actually. A pair of once-commonplace Brits that are ripe for the Street Machine treatment.

Bedford HA

Remember when these were everywhere? Even the odd custom one – remember John Baldacchino’s chopped and Wimble-striped Baldy Van? This one should bring back memories for some… the familiar look of a British Gas van. It’s that livery that’s clearly inspired the build. We’ve gone for a tame, UK Gasser/Street Racer vibe with a leaf-sprung jacked up stance, big’n’little slot mags and mild body mods in the form of radiused arches, a custom scoop and a cut down front valance. Under the bonnet (sort of) is a Ford V6, and inside is some simple black vinyl and aluminium paneling.


With a bit of graphical Cal-look and a slice of the US Sport Truck scene, we’ve got ourselves a rad little Mini pick-up. The roof has made its way onto the workshop scrap pile and a custom bed cover has been fabricated. The interior is mostly stock with a few splashes of colour (literally, in the case of the splat-painted speedo!); wheels are a set of 13×7 Starmags or Alleycats with some custom spun covers in the centre. There’s a Turbo 1275 under the bonnet producing nearly as much power as the subwoofers under the bed cover!