Been Using Issue 6

This month, I have mostly been using…

BSealey Spark Plug Installation/Removal Tool VS1591

As I mentioned last issue, I recently changed the spark plugs on the U1K Lexus, and, on the 1UZ-FE V8, the spark plugs live down long tubes in the heads. That’s where a simple tool like this comes in handy. It’s just a rubber tube with a bulb on one end, with the other end shaped to grip a spark plug just tight enough that you can fiddle it into place and thread it in the first few turns without the risk of cross-threading it. One of the chaps in the neighbouring units suggested that it looks like something you might get buggered with (which, I think, says far more about him than about the tool in question), but in this case, I’d have been buggered without it!

In my various socket sets, I have various spark plug sockets, each of which contains a little rubber collar to grip the neck of the spark plug as you install it. On the Lexus, I found that you’d push the plug into the socket, screw the plug in, then either the extension bar would pull out of the socket or, in some cases, the rubber collar would be left on the plug. It was all rather frustrating, and anybody nearby would learn some interesting new words and phrases. With this Sealey tool, I could twiddle the plug into the hole, then tighten it up with the plug socket with the rubber collar removed. I had the job done in half the time it took last time around, and no danger of cross-threading. Ignore the slightly Ann Summers looks, and get yourself one of these – I wouldn’t be without it now.