Been Using Issue 33

Yet another instalment from the Carry On comically named range of CarPlan workshop products was called into use recently. This is Lick My Battery – yes, really – and is a lightweight gel that you spray onto your battery terminals. It prevents corrosion, keeps out moisture, promotes a better electrical connection and means that, when the time comes to remove the battery terminal clamps, you don’t have to fight to lever them off.

It’s a good product, and aside from the fact that you have to spray it carefully so that it doesn’t just go everywhere, it does its job. The only problem I can see is that, while I’ve still got a tin or tube of copper grease in my workshop – and I always will – there’s very little chance of me ever thinking, “I really must buy myself an aerosol of battery terminal protector.” It’s just not that high up the list of priorities. However, on the odd occasion I’ve needed to use it, I’ve been glad I’ve had it.

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