Been Using Issue 32

When I finished off all the jobs I needed to do (read: all the jobs I was prepared to do) on the van last month, the last job was to replace the plywood floorboard in the passenger footwell and stick the rubber mat back over it. For this I used another peculiarly named product from CarPlan’s Carry On range of workshop consumables.

Stick It is, predictably, aerosol spray adhesive, and it’s perfect for jobs such as this. It sprays with a decent fan, nice and controllable, and stays liquid just long enough to position the item. Within a minute, it’s very tacky, and supposedly sets within 10 minutes. I stuck down the rubber mat, and, while I had the aerosol in my hand, went around re-gluing various other bits of vinyl, carpet and felt trim that had come loose or peeled up at the corners over the last season or two.

It won’t stick anything too demanding, and you’re unlikely to use it every day, but it’s a really useful piece of kit to have in the workshop arsenal for when you need it. CarPlan products are widely available through car accessory and hardware shops throughout the UK – see for details.