Been Using Issue 31

Last month I was trying a budget, store-brand cold galvanising aerosol from Screwfix; this month, I’m using their own-brand, No Nonsense Red Oxide primer on the old van.

This isn’t for delicate work. This is for “grab a brush, throw as much of it onto the metal as you can, and hope you can keep the rust out by sheer volume of paint” work. I used it on the passenger side floor, on all the welded repairs I’d made, and on anything else I’d scrubbed back to bare metal. It’s thick and oily, and I was surprised to find that the brush strokes tended to level themselves out to a large extent, even using the cheapo paintbrushes that I was treating as disposable.

The only problem I found was that it takes an age to dry. The tin says that it’s “touch-dry in five to six hours,” but I call BS on that. I was using it in early November, when the thermometer rarely reached 15°, but I could still leave fingerprints in it after 24 hours. This added a lot of time to the job, and if the fresh paint gets damp before it sets, it blooms a milky pink colour.

You wouldn’t use this under the topcoat on your beautiful custom car; however, it’s perfect for trying to get another few years out of an old van. It costs £7.59 including VAT for a 750ml tin, which has gone quite a long way. See for details and stockists.