Been Using Issue 30

With the ongoing weldathon on the poor old LDV van being a drain on my time, I was determined it wasn’t going to bankrupt me as well, so I thought I’d have a go with some own-brand bargain products from a local hardware chain shop.

This is No Nonsense Zinc Galvanising Spray from Screwfix. It’s simply aerosol paint with a high zinc solids content, which goes on smooth and has a lovely matte silver finish. I was using it on steel patch panels prior to welding, and as a primer for areas I’d scrubbed back to bare metal but wouldn’t be painting for a short while.

It looked good, dried quickly, and you can even weld through it, so it’s ideal for seams. I was impressed, plus you’ll get change from a fiver for a 400ml can. See for details, though I expect every chain will have their own version.