Been Using Issue 25

Summer is here! You can tell this because it’s belting with rain. It seemed like a good opportunity to test out a new product I’ve been sitting on for some time – Chipex Aquaphobic Rain-Repelling Screen Wash.

These water-repellents have been around for a while, and the best known – which many people swear by – is Rain-X. This is the same sort of stuff, but it’s a concentrate that you just add to your screenwash. Every time you squirt your screen, it gives your glass another dose. And it works! I tried it just before driving up to the rain-washed Hot Rods & Hills event, and it really helped to clear the screen of even the most Cumbrian drenching. It’d be a bonus for any street machine with a chopped screen or, heaven forbid, vacuum wipers.

A one-litre bottle contains enough concentrate for eight screenwash fills of up to five litres, plenty for a whole season, even for a bucket-sized screenwash reservoir such as that on the Lexus. It’s not an anti-freeze, though it does supposedly protect down to -2°C. It’s also not quite as effective as a proper application of Rain-X, but it is a shedload quicker and easier, and doesn’t smear. A litre bottle has an RRP of £13.95; see for your nearest stockist.