Been Using Issue 22

Last month, during the Blue Meanie’s alternator conversion job (or, as it turned out, half a job), I had to attach a circuit breaker to the inner wing. This normally means a nice, easy nut’n’bolt, but that means that, should I ever have cause to unfasten it, I have to remove the plastic arch liner to get to the nut. That arch liner is a real patience-tester; wouldn’t it be easier to have some sort of captive nut instead?

Ta-dah! Enter Sealey’s AK3986 Threaded Nut Riveter, better known as a riv-nut gun. It’s simple enough to use – if you can use a pop-riveter, you can use this, and the principle’s the same, but instead of pulling the stalk through the rivet to compress it, you actually thread the riv-nut onto the threads and compress the shoulder. The instructions can be a bit baffling, with steps that sound like “thread the jizz-lobber onto the spring-loaded nut-fumbler using the gnarled murgling stick,” so be a man, throw away the instructions and work it out for yourself.

Now I have one and have used it a couple of times, I’m not sure how I ever managed without one. If you come down to my workshop, don’t stand still for too long or you’ll get riv-nutted.

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