Been Using Issue 21

Latex garage gloves are a great idea; at least they are for those of us who don’t wear our greasy fingernails, skinned knuckles and overspray-flecked hands as some sort of badge of honour. The only problem is that they’re not exactly the hardiest creatures – put a good twist on a screwdriver, or find the sharp tag-end of a Jubilee clip or cable tie, and you’re left wearing some rather comical limp rags.

Don’t chuff about – get some of these Tiger Grip gloves. They offer the same level of ‘feel’ as a standard latex glove while offering much better grip, but they’re as tough as Marigolds, so one pair could last you all day. They’re not powdered, so they don’t dry your skin out, and they’re high-vis orange, so everyone can see what your hands are doing … which may or may not be a benefit. They even provide a bit of relief from the winter wind, should you find yourself working outside.

They’re not cheap – they’re about three or four times what you’d expect to pay for a similar box of standard latex gloves from the autojumble – but they last three or four times as long and, in my opinion, they’re way more than three or four times better.

Available from: Lucas Oil stockists, or see