Been Using Issue 20

While I was changing the intake on the Blue Meanie, I found that the intake gaskets, despite having only been on the car for a couple of weeks and barely 20 minutes of running, were welded solid to the heads at the coolant passages. Gosh darn it, I said, or words to that effect, but at least it gave me chance to use this stuff.

It’s called Get Yer Gas Kit Off, just one of a line of comedy-named workshop products from the Carry On CarPlan range. It’s simple, just spray it onto the gasket or gasket residue, leave it for “a short time” (I love precise instructions) until you spot the gasket beginning to bubble, then scrape it off. I tried it, and the gasket scraps that previously wouldn’t have yielded to a hammer and chisel now complied quite meekly with a simple razor scraper. One patch required a second treatment, but otherwise it left no mess and didn’t need any scratching, gouging and subsequent marking of the mating faces.

The only problem is that it’s in an aerosol – this stuff will happily bubble paint, stickers, and anything else soft that it touches, so you have to be a good shot with the aerosol. Otherwise, it’s a useful addition to the workshop shelf.

CarPlan products are widely available in car accessory and hardware shops, and some supermarkets. See