Been Using Issue 17

As I said last month, I’m not exactly the most diligent when it comes to car care, but recently I found myself with a few minutes to kill, so I thought I’d try this new plastics cleaner. It’s called Dirtex Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner, and supposedly works on all vinyl and hard plastic. I hoped it was gentle, because my dash hasn’t been cleaned in so long that I was worried it may go into shock.

It says it’s a spray-on-wipe-off formula, so I grabbed a rag from the rag-bag (which turned out to be an old sock), sprayed and wiped. First impressions were that it wasn’t so much spray-on-wipe-off as spray-on-smear-around. Second impressions were that I could have achieved a similar result with another commonly available non-proprietary cleaning product known as ‘water’.

I strolled off feeling slightly disappointed, but when I came back a few minutes later, the finish was actually pretty damn good! Not too silicone-shiny, no horrible chemical stench, just a nice dash that looks like somebody cares for it… which is the effect I was after. Unpaid Intern #2 did point out that it came supplied with a microfibre, which would probably have done a better job to begin with than a manky old sock; however, I’d forgotten that in the strata of detritus in the workshop, so it’ll probably never be seen again.

Anyway, it’s no miracle formula, but a good, workaday plastics cleaner. See for details.