Been Using Issue 16

I know many of you will have a car care, cleaning and detailing regime that involves an arsenal of cleaning products and a strictly timetabled process. I don’t; my cars are lucky if I bung a sponge at them twice a year. So, when this stuff crossed my desk it sounded like just the ticket – a way for the bone-idle detailer to achieve a day’s-worth of cleaning in 20 minutes.

It’s called Chipex Factory Finish Uber Super Concentrate Shampoo. That’s a hell of a name to live up to; I mean, what sort of high-tech jungle juice must this be to deserve all those superlatives? Well, I rinsed the car off, chucked some of this in a bucket, and gave the old Lexus a good scrubbing.

The results? Well, it was certainly cleaner, but then I could have rendered the old shed in wattle-and-daub and it would have been cleaner than it was before. Did it restore the shoddy old paint to factory finish? No. Did I need to wear welding goggles before I could look directly at the gleam coming off the car? No. Does this stuff live up to the vainglorious verbiage on the label? No. It’s just car shampoo. It’s no better than the best stuff; no worse than the cheapest. Oh well, at least I can see through my windscreen again.

It’s available from: See for details and availability.