Been Using Issue 9

This Month I Have Mostly Been Using…

Well, strictly speaking, I haven’t used it. Lucas Oils gave me a can of their latest super-spray – Diesel EGR & Turbo Cleaner – to test, but I don’t have a turbo car, and the only diesel in the household is an old Transit Banana motor in an ageing LDV van. Those Bananas aren’t exactly prone to EGR issues the way today’s extra-sensitive turbo-diesels are, so I handed the can to Ben across the way, a mechanic who regularly deals with rough-running diesels with those charmingly blinky ‘check engine’ lights.

Ben used it on a couple of jobs, and his verdict was that “it’s actually pretty good, and dissolves the crap very well. The pressure in the can is strong, too, which is useful. It stinks, though – not nasty, just a strong turpentine-type smell.”

So there you have it, an independent review from the shop floor. Given the number of problems modern motors suffer from, courtesy of gummed-up turbos and EGR valves, I foresee there being a large market for this stuff, especially if it actually lives up to its own hype. Look for it on – it’s brand new, and at the time of writing it’s not listed on the site – or see your nearest Lucas Oil stockist.