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Sealey Cleaning & Decarbonising Brush Set

Recently, I finally stripped my 302 block down to its bare bones. I was planning on having it hot-tanked anyway, but though that I might be as well to run a brush through some of the oil passages beforehand. For that, I got this handy Sealey pack of brushes, that come in an equally handy folding wallet.

There’s a selection of brushes of various sizes, in steel wire, brass wire and nylon bristle, all of which clip into a screwdriver-type handle. This doesn’t give you a great reach, but there is an extension piece that goes with it, and that helps, assuming that what you need to clean is in a straight line.

I was using the stiff nylon brushes, and they really did attack the burnt-on oil sediment in the oil passages around the cam galleries, and no matter how hard I attacked, the brush only pulled free of the handle once. The only issue I did have was that, as you pulled the brush free from whatever passageway you were assaulting, it flicks a fine spray of crud that goes absolutely everywhere!

None of these brushes are really fine enough to get into the tiny oilways in, say, your crank, but for general cleaning of larger oilways, decarbing ports, cleaning out threaded holes or removing irritating nostril hairs, this little kit is the business. The part number is VS1800, and you’ll find it at Sealey stockists nationwide or via