Been Using Issue 2

This Month, I have mostly been using…

Carlube Absorbent Granules

I’ve used sand or sawdust for such spillages. Sand really doesn’t soak up oil, and all that happens is that you end up trying to sweep up oily sand. Naturally, you’ll get some on your boots and the only thing that’ll remove it effectively is a nice, clean carpet… Sawdust is slightly better, but still crap. These granules are a vast improvement.
They do actually wick up the oily guff from cracks and crevices in the floor and even out of porous concrete itself.

Then, when it’s done its job, you can actually sweep it up and chuck it. As I said at the beginning, it’s a pain in the nipsy to have around, but worth every penny when you’re not leaving oily boot-prints on a white carpet, or slipping face over fundament whilst carrying something heavy or fragile.

You know it makes sense. It’s available at loads of accessory shops, motor factors and so on – see