Been Using Issue 14

This Month I Have Mostly Been Using…

Recently, I had to fit a new outer door handle to the old van’s passenger-side door. It’s only plastic, but has to operate a really complex series of levers, pivots and rods to actuate the door lock, so when I put the new (second-hand) handle on, I thought I’d dose everything with grease.

PowerMaxed Copper Grease is copper grease in an aerosol, with added graphite, so it seemed like it should be just the job. It was – it flows really well, so it gets into all the joints and corners, but that also means it gets everywhere else as well. It’s quite liquid, but once it’s had a chance to set a bit, it looks like it’d stay put for a while.

It would benefit from a straw to make sure it goes where it’s needed (it may have had one, and I’ve just lost it, which is more than plausible), but other than that minor whinge, I reckon this is one of those workshop shelf regulars that’s going to see quite a bit of use in the future. It’s widely available through PowerMaxed distributors, so see for details.