Been Using Issue 13

This Month I Have Mostly Been Using…

Having finally reached the stage of assembling the stroker motor for the Blue Meanie, I needed something to pre-lube the friction surfaces that wouldn’t run or dry out during the extended period of engine building. So, I reached for the Lucas Oils High Performance Semi-Synthetic Assembly Lube.

This stuff comes in a nice, handy dispensing bottle, and the contents are bright green so it’s easy to see whether you’ve got coverage. The lube itself is as thick and viscous as honey, so it stays where you put it, and – an odd but pleasant surprise – it smells minty, like toothpaste!

The bottle says it contains everything you need in an assembly lube, such as zinc and molybdenum, and I’ll take their word for it. The only issue I found was that it’s so viscous that when you’re turning the crank by hand to check for binding, you’re often just fighting against the resistance of the lube. Also, it may be 100% perfect for the job, but if I were using flat tappets, I’d think I’d prefer one of the thick assembly greases for the dry start… though that’s probably just me worrying unnecessarily. It’s a moot point anyway, as I’m using roller lifters, and I don’t doubt that this lube is more than up to that task.

You’ll find Lucas Assembly Lube at Lucas Oil stockists, or through