Been Using Issue 10

This Month I Have Mostly Been Using…

“Here, test this.”
“What is it?”
“It’s a sheet of bendy, rubbery stuff.”
“Oh, gee, thanks, triffic.”

Ah, little did I know. What I’d just been handed was a Form-A-Funnel and, yes, it’s a sheet of bendy, rubbery stuff in an odd shape, a foot or so long and six inches or so across. But, when you bend it, it stays in the shape you bend it to – you literally form your own funnel.

You know when you’re topping your oil up, and you tip the oil bottle until the oil starts flowing, then it goes ‘bloop’ and overshoots the filler cap? No problem. Or when you’re trying to top off your screenwash through the inch-diameter hole in the top of the tank, or, better still, the auto trans fluid through a tiny dipstick tube? No longer an issue.

And you know when you’re changing an oil filter, and as soon as you unscrew the old filter far enough to break the seal, the residual oil runs down the block until it finds somewhere to drip from, which is where the drain pan isn’t? That’s where this Form-A-Funnel will really come into its own – the edges are flexible enough to conform to whatever surface you push it against.

When I first saw it, I thought it just looked like the latest gadget advertised on late-night TV; however, I reckon that once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Traditional funnels are great, if rather easily broken, but with the Form-A-Funnel, once you’re done with it, just wipe it off, bend it flat, and it’s back to taking up bugger-all space in the boot or toolbox again. And that’s exactly where mine’s going.

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