Been Using Issue 1

This month

I have mostly been using…

A rather beautiful 3M pot-gun paint system. This glorious professional gravity-fed gun uses an ingenious system of interchangeable pots so you can switch between paints or colours with the minimum of bus and fother. Mix the paint you need in one of the disposable plastic cups, drop it into the clear plastic pot, seal it together, then clip it to the top of the gun. Clip one of the clipon-clip-off nozzles on and you’re ready to spray.

Or you would be, if you’re properly set up for the job. This gun uses a tiny pressure – around 20psi – but a massive volume of air. My little 50-litre compressor was running at full chat and the best I got was a few half-hearted splats out of the nozzle. At one point it was kicking out floating fluff, like super-lightweight silly-string!
What this mainly proves is that such a quality piece is wasted on me. If you’ve just developed some superduper space-age football boots, who do you give them to to test and evaluate? Some premier league prima donna, or some Sunday league clogger who gets out of breath tying the laces? I’m definitely in the latter category, so I handed the whole show to a friend of mine who is a professional fabricator and painter, and who has a compressor with a receiver the size of a space shuttle fuel tank. Doubtless he’ll be
able to make the thing sing.

If you can do better than me – and I’d be surprised if you couldn’t – equip yourself at